Diplomatic Passport from 10,000 USD

diplomaticDiplomatic positions (Honorary & Active) and passports are now available from several countries in Africa,South America and Europe at prices starting from $10,000 and processing time of 30 days.


Main tasks of Honorary Consuls include the enhancement of bilateral relations in trade, economy, culture and science between the sending country and the country of your citizenship or permanent residence. The Honorary Consulate helps with the economic and trade cooperation and with the expansion of business from the country of citizenship in the country of representation. Another important task is the support of the development of the international relations, the representation and perception of the interests of the country you represent, and give assistance and consular protection for country of representation citizens and institutions. The Honorary Consulate supports the work of the Embassy of the country of representation and informs the sending country on the economic, political, cultural, and social life of the country of citizenship or permanent residence of the Honorary Consul. As an Honorary Consul, it is also your task to contribute to the traditionally friendly and multilateral relations between the countries and their people, and to represent the interests of the sending country and its citizens. In these strivings, you can always count with the support of the Embassy of the country of representation and its Consulates.

Honorary Consul may expect many benefits and privileges that they are difficult to list. One can travel through diplomatic channels as a VIP-person, often without visas. Volvo and some other brands are giving big discounts for diplomatic persons. The donations involved with diplomatic appointments are much smaller than the yearly-long discounts one can get. Some applicants use diplomatic passport to set up a nice trade with good profits for both ends. An appointment as the Honorary Consul of a foreign country is a source of considerable social prestige among the city’s elite. Your mansion can bear the represented country’s coat of arms.

Privileges include:

- Opportunity to meet government officials and be involved in diplomatic
- Diplomatic Immunity – under International Law (with some limitations).
- No tax liability on any income arising from consular activities.
- Usage of Diplomatic channels at airports, no time delaying and annoying
customs checks.
- Unlimited entry and exit privileges from host country for business and
personal travel.
- Opportunity to use some of the advantages for business purposes that will
increase your social status.
- Free Diplomatic vehicle license plates (Special color of the plate).
Other advantages.

The 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations outlines the rules of diplomatic law. The Convention codifies the rules for the exchange and treatment of envoys between states, which have been firmly established in customary law for hundreds of years. It has become an almost universally adopted Convention with 179 states party to it.

We often act on behalf of governments in order to find and recommend highly qualified individuals who could represent the nation's interests as member of the diplomatic corps, as Honorary Consul or as representative to specialized agencies of the United Nations. The states are seeking for representatives with the power, the will, and the moral impetus to promote the nation's interests in accordance to its own values. The candidate shall introduce a modern approach to international relations, motivated by the national interests as its ultimate purpose. Our goal is to support the achievement of foreign policy goals and objectives of several governments through our small network, advance national interests, and enhance diplomatic relations by seeking diplomatic representatives and by strengthening the relationship between the government's officials and the diplomatic representatives.

We are have assisted hundreds of customers in the past 14 years to obtain legal residency, citizenship and diplomatic passports in more than 25 countries.

100% Money Back Guarantee- If the application is rejected for any reason or documents not issued within 30 days there is a 100% refund of the initial deposit. Over the years we have had a 99.9% success rate with new applicants